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Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory Instruments

Laminar Air Flow Horizontal

Laminar Air Flow Vertical

Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Air Flow Hanging

Clean Air Tents

Sampling Dispensing Booths

Inclined Laminar Air Flow

Biological Safety Cabinets

A C Modules

Pressure Modules

Sterile Garment Material Storage Cabinets

Vertical Autoclaves

Fully Automatic Table Top Autoclaves

Laboratory Ovens

B O D Incubators

Muffle Furnaces


Ice Flaking Machines

Heating Mantles

Humidity Cabinets

Fume Hoods

Water Bath with Holes

Distillation Apparatus

Heating Orbital Shakers

Pen Type Conductivity Meters

Centrifugal Machines

Ultraviolet U V Cabinets

Fake Currency Note Detectors

Colony Counters

Laboratory Vacuum Pumps

Infrared Moisture Balances

Hand Refractometers


Vortex Mixture

Wrist Action Shaking Machines

Rotap Sieve Shakers

Leak Test Apparatus

Disintegration Test Machines

Ultrasonic Baths

Digital Bomb Calorimeters

Lab Stirrers

Melting Point Apparatus

Bursting Strength Testers

Antibiotic Zone Readers

Electronic Balances

T L C Apparatus

Laboratory Air Curtains

Stainless Steel Body Pass Box

Laboratory Microbiological Blenders

Chemical Bottle Storage Cabinets

Soxhlet Apparatus

freeze dryer lyophilizer

Glass Beads Sterilizers

Polishing Machines

Ozone Air Sterilizers

Ozone Hand Dryers

Seed Germinators

Inoculation Hoods

Laboratory Deep Freezers

Karl fischer titrators

Pharmacy Instruments

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