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Baby Incubator Servo Type


Baby Incubator Servo Type
Baby Incubator Servo Type (Cat No. - 9177)

Three level safety ciruits:

  • Constant indication and control of air & skin temperature.
  • Individual sensors for air & skin.
  • L.E.D. bar graph with 4 increments, to indicate heater output

Servo Specification:

  • A1 Auto Cut-off at 38.5C Air. 37.5C skin, solid state relay.
  • A1 Auto Cut-off: 39.0C Automatic(for both modes)
  • A1 Auto Cut-off: overall 39.5C-Parallel electrical sagety.

Technical Specification:


Rajas-41 incubator with cabinet


30 inch. (707 mm)


17 inch. (444 mm)


51 inch. (1285 mm)


45 kgs approx.

Baby bed size

24 x 14(610 x 370 mm)


-8 Degrees

Best environment for operation

220 C to 290 C


0 to 95% R/H

Electrical Rating

230 V.A.C. - 10% 50 Hz

Heater wattage

250 Watts

Overall wattage

350 Watts when heater humidifier and blower is on

Safety Cut Offs & Alarms:

Air over temperature

Audio Visual

Air sensor fail

Audio Visual

Air over temperature

Audio Visual

Skin sensor fail

Audio Visual

System fail

Audio Visual

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