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Digital and Deluxe Ultrasonic Therapy Unit Solid State


Digital and Deluxe Ultrasonic Therapy Unit Solid State
Digital And Deluxe Ultrasonic Therapy Unit Solid State (Cat No. - 9203)

This units is latest development with fully SOLID STATE Electronic circuitry and is very light weight compact and portable. The Sound Head with a special transduces is designed to keep a very good skin contact for deep Ultrasound Therapy. The Ultrasonic waves differ from other electromagnetic radiation such as Shortwave, Microwave etc. as the energy is propagated as mechanical vibrations and gives a messaging effect to the deep tender part of the muscle. This is very neuromuscular and muscular-skeletal diseases including Arthritis, Sinusitis etc. The sound head generator minimizes heat and thus eliminates any discomfort of the patient. The unit is fitted with a Timer Switch to put the completion of predetermined dosage time. It operates on 220/240 Volts A.C. The treatment head gives continuous or pulsed Ultrasound Wave obtained through a selective switch. In Analogue model upto 15 Watts in continuous and 21 Watts in pulsed modes. Supplied complete with Ultrasound Applicator (Sound Head), Main Line Cord, 5 Spare Fuses and Foam Rexene Cover.

Technical Details
Power Output : 2.5W/CM2 in continuous mode, 3.5W/CM2 in pulse mode
Output mode : Continuous mode & pulse mode
Timer : 0 to 30 mins
Main Supply : 220 Volts 50 cycles
Output : Meter display

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