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ECT Machines


ECT Machines
Ect Machines (Cat No. - 9050)

Our ECT machines delivers pulsed, bi-derectional square wave stimulus. The current is constant at 0.9 Ampere and the voltage varies automatically by a built in microcomputer as per the impedance of the patient. We conceived and designed the RAJAS keeping three major considerations in mind i.e.

  1. Its stimulus parameters had to be chosen on the basis of research data. (Maxwell 1968, Weaver etal 1977 weiner 1980).
  2. It should have the capacity to produce seizure virtually 100%.
  3. It should be safe and easy to operate.

Features :

  • Parameters Display on LCD.
  • Auto Stimulus Voltage.
  • Auto Impedance check.
  • Output display in joules as well as in millicoulombs.
  • In built rechargeable battery with charger.
  • Over 2500 satisfied customers.
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