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Electric Suction Apparatus and Foot Operated Suction Apparatus


Electric Suction Apparatus and Foot Operated Suction Apparatus
Electric Suction Apparatus And Foot Operated Suction Apparatus (Cat No. - 9254)
  • Our foot suction apparatus is most suitable for places where electric supply is uncertain.
  • Well-designed cabinet made of mild steel epoxy powder coated with stainless steel top provided.
  • Two separate Suction System electric suction apparatus and vertical foot operated suction.
  • 1 / 4 HP heavy duty motor fitted to oil immersed vacuum pump.
  • Two wide mouth glass bottles of approx. 1600 ML each.
  • Synthetic Airtight Rubber Lids. Non-collapsible PVC Tubing.
  • Two separate vacuum gauge for each system.
  • Vacuum of electric suction 700 mm + 10mm Hg in our electric suction apparatus
  • Ultimate vacuum of vertical foot suction 600 mm Hg.
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