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Electronic Micrometer


Electronic Micrometer
Electronic Micrometer (Cat No. - 9039)
  • Stepless, smooth speed adjustment from 3,000-35,000 rpm.
  • Precision machining achieved bur eccentricity within 0.02mm.
  • DC coreless micromotor used for quick motor response and smoother rotation over full speed range.
  • The handpiece is compact, lightweight, and well fits to user's hand. User can use it for a long period of time without fatigue.
  • The handpiece is provided with the special dust proof mechanism which prevents entry of cuttings and other foreign substances into the ball bearnings, thereby ensuring high durability.
  • Functions and performance desired for laboratorymotors are highly emphasized in conception and packaged in a cutely designed control unit.
  • Over-current protector functions immediately and stops the micromotor for safety.
  • Electronically achieved to minimize impact at start to the operator's hand, and this also extends device longevity
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