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Hand Gym Kit Board


Hand Gym Kit Board
Hand Gym Kit Board (Cat No. - 9242)

To permit active flexion and extension exercises for fingers & wrist. Unit should consist of the following: Exercise Board: Wooden exercise board (15"12"3") with a storage drawer. The laminated Top should have 26 holes at different positions to fix aluminum pegs (3 pegs) and springs. Finger Compression Springs: A set of three springs (10cm long) of different tensions and each spring is fitted with color-coded aluminum tops and bases. Grip Springs: A set of three pairs of springs (14.5cm long) with different tensions. Pairs should be marked in different colors and have the hooks to be attached to pegs. & Springs. One set of wooden roller and disc with hooks. Finish: All springs should be chrome plated, Aluminum pegs be anodized and wooden box in natural polished. Rehabilitation machines are used for physical rehabilitation therapy.

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