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Interferential Therapy


Interferential Therapy
Interferential Therapy (Cat No. - 9214)

The interferential therapy offers advance technique to reduce pain and to exercise muscles with low frequency current. In I.F.T. two medium frequency currents are used crossing to each other at a point to produce a low frequency current Area of

Deep sited pain, sports injuries, pain of rheumatoid arthritis, pain of osteo arthritis, pain of osteo arthritis, miscular weakness etc

Salient Features:
The therapy modes:(a) 4 pole interferential, (b) 4 pole vector, (c) 2 pole modulated
Digital timer with alarm which cuts off when display read zero.
Dual intensity display i.e. CH-1 digital display and CH-2 LED display.
Sweep program.
Balance control of intensity.

Technical Specification:
Medium frequency : 2 Khz & 4 Khz
Base frequency : 0 - 150 Hz
Sweep frequency : 0 - 100 Hz

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