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Microscope Junior (Cat No. - 9462)

‘EduTek’ Microscopes are a class by themselves. Manufactured under an ISO 9001 standardized system, each operation is carefully carried out and monitored. Due consideration is given to the parameters involved. The components and the final
products are subjected to various tests commensurate with the quality of the microscope. While each microscope is inspected, the advanced microscopes are subjected to a whole series of tests such as freedom from optical aberrations,resolving power etc. These microscopes are designed to require minimum maintenance and incorporate devices to guard against over-enthusiastic use by students. For the safety of the object slide, objective lens and the mechanism, it is recommended that observing from the side, the objective lens should be brought close to the object and then looking down the microscope, focussing should be done by racking the objective away from the object. As above, but with triple revolving nose-piece and three achromatic objectives x4, x10 and x20 giving magnification x40 to x200.

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