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Minor Anaesthesia Apparatus


Minor Anaesthesia Apparatus
Minor Anaesthesia Apparatus (Cat No. - 9157)

Salient Features

  • Long Rotating bobbin flowmeter (230 mm) tube - calibrated with Luminious plate.
  • Plenum type ether Vaporiser.
  • Goldman type Halothene Vaporiser.
  • Non-return cum pressure relief valve.
  • 50 mm dia Oxygen Gauges.
  • Table top stainless steel.
  • Top Tray for Monitoring Instruments.
  • Top Tray for Monitoring Instruments.
  • Pin Indexed Yokes for Nitrous-oxide.
  • Emergency oxygen supply button.
  • Outlet.
  • Detachable capacious drawer.
  • Maggill's circuit.
  • Stainless/painted(Powder coated) frame.
  • N2 cut off system.
  • Preset regulators for O2 & N2O.
  • Wheels with brake. N2O cut off in case oxygen pressure falls below 10-15 Pnds.
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