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Over Head Projector RE Model A


Over Head Projector RE Model A
Over Head Projector Re Model A (Cat No. - 9134)


RE-Model A

Working Stage

285 mm x 220 mm


Single Element Lens. Three Element Lens (402-AI)

Condenser System

A4 size Fresnel condenser

Cooling System

Blower cooled


24V - 250 Watt-EHJ Twin Lamp


Folding Arm type

Dimension (LxWxH) & weight

387 x 394 x 190mm / 11.5kg. approx.

Power Cable

Fixed Power Cable

Lamp Safety

Hi-Low Intensity Switch

Safety feature

Microswitch, activated when stage is open

Projection Distance

1.0 to 3.0 meters


Cellophane Roll, Vinyl Cover, Writing pack etc.


Sturdy Cardboard Box

Optional Accessories

OHP stand, Cellophane Roll, OHP Mount, Laser Pointer, Halogen Bulbs, Plywood Cabinet, Transparency Making Kit, OHP Trolley, Projection Screen, Slide attachment etc.

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