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Physio Ball


Physio Ball
Physio Ball (Cat No. - 9233)

These balls were originally used in the 1960s by Swiss physiotherapists(hence the name "Swiss ball") to help children with cerebral palsy improve their physical skills, including balance. Since then, physical therapists have discovered many healthful uses for the balls. In Europe and United States, Doctors have been using and developing ball exercises for therapeutic fitness since as early as 1973. A few exercise performed by these balls include:

  • Static & dynamic strengthening of joint and spinal mobility.
  • Cardiovascular fitness through low impact aerobics.
  • Facilitating postural correction at an unconscious level increasing proprioception and kenesthesia.
  • Mildline orientation and dynamic trunk control .
  • Neuro-motor learning and coordination.
  • To develop anti gravity posture.(Tonic tone).

These balls in neurological conditions are very useful

To improve balance and equilibrium.
To control vestibular system and arousal.
For proper weight shifts.
It improves dissociation and relaxes the muscles.
It is very useful for proprioceptive input.
A must for every parent with small babies and doctors for their clinical use.
Available in the following sizes: 45cms, 55cms, 65cms, 75cms, 85cms, 100cms

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