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Portable Anaesthesia Apparatus


Portable Anaesthesia Apparatus
Portable Anaesthesia Apparatus (Cat No. - 9155)
  • Long rotating bobbin flowmeter (230 mm).
  • Either Vaporiser or Helothane Vaporiser Goldman type with glass bottle.
  • Emergency cum outlet.
  • The above head assemble on angle frame fitted on base box consisting mechanical alarm and nitrous oxide lock.
  • Bag mount.
  • Rebreathing bag (2 liter).
  • Corrugated tube antistatic.
  • Expiratory valve.
  • Angle mount.
  • Cathetor mount with tube.
  • Face mask adult.
  • Oxygen preset regulator (for bull nose cylinder).
  • Nitrous oxide preset regulator (for pin index cylinder).
  • High pressure Nylon ribbed tubing with non interchangeable end fittings.
  • Cylinder key 2 nos.
  • Spare bodak seal washer and cork washer.
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