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Projection Microscope (Cat No. - 9513)

A greatly enlarged image of the specimen slide is projected
on the screen, providing a high contrast, sharp and distortion
free image. The microscope is highly suitable for group
discussions as well as for teaching purposes.
General Features

  1. Stable and robust stand
  2. Monocular fixed straight tube body. Mechanical tube length 160 mm.
  3. Separate knobs for coarse and fine focussing.
  4. Fixed square stage 110 x 110 mm with graduated detachable mechanical stage.
  5. Triple revolving nose-piece with click stops andpositive centering.
  6. Fixed built-in Abbe condenser N. A 0.65
  7. Illumination by 6V 20 W halogen lamp with solid state variable light control knob for adjusting the intensity of light.
  8. Grainless, optically true circular glass projection
    screen rotatable through 360 on microscope tube.
    Eyepiece : Huygenian x10
    Objectives : Achromatic: x5, x10, x20.
    As above, with screen of 150 mm diameter.
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