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Shortwave medical diathermy 500 watt Table Model


Shortwave medical diathermy 500 watt Table Model
Shortwave Medical Diathermy 500 Watt Table Model (Cat No. - 9189)

Applications :

  • A treatment Timer Switch is provided to start the machine. This timer switch automatically disconnects the circuit at the completion of of predetermined dosage time.
  • The intensity of heat can be adjusted by output control Rotary Switch in 5 steps. The machine is provided with a wide stunning range to work with all types of condenser pads. The output can be adjusted as per requirement of the patient under treatment.
  • A special type of instrument colling fan is fitted inside the machine to keep the circuit and vaccum valve cool during the treatment.
  • The machine operate on 220 Volts A.C. 50 cycles single phase mains current with a maximum output of 500 Watts. The operating Frequency is 27.12 MHZon

Salient Features :
This units has been specially designed for Hospitals and physiotherapy Centres where the machine is required to run constantly for many hours to cope with the rush of patients. Due to heavy duty components and rigid construction this equipment is most suitable for continuous use.

Standard Accessories :
Main cord : 1 Pc.
Pad Electrode with cable, cloth cover felt : 1 Pair
Machine cover : 1 Pc
Spare fuse : 5 Pc
Mobile trolley : 1 Pc

Technical Details :
Power Output : 500 watts (approx.)
Operating frequency : 27.12 Mhz.
Wave length : 11 Meters
Main Supply : 220 Volts 50 cycles
Fuse : 5 Amp.
H.F. Power Source : Vaccum generating Valve.

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